Getting Started with WooCommerce? 5 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Getting Started with WooCommerce? 6 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Congratulations on a wise choice of choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce WordPress website!

Right after saying ‘Hello’ to it, you may find your mind wandering around to get through the installation and initial setup for WooCommerce. Rest assured that there’s no big challenge waiting for you. But to help you tackle this very first challenge with WooCommerce more easily, I’m going to give you 5 must-visit places.

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WordPress Tips from WordPress Professionals

WordPress Tips from WordPress Professionals

We all get stuck sometimes. And we all need to find advice as well as shared experiences from others. For me, I not only enjoy reading WordPress latest news but also collecting good practices here and there to apply to my own daily use of WordPress.

So, that is to say, below are (not random) tips I have been collecting from the beginning of 2014 (it’s another awesome year of WordPress). The tips below are mostly shared in interviews with WordPress influencers – the big guys we usually hear about.

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5 Ways to be a Jerk When Developing WordPress

5 Ways to be a Jerk When Developing WordPress

WordPress users nowadays can learn to protect themselves from badly-coded themes and plugins with the help of the community and the thousands of best practice articles out there. However, if you – the developer – intend to make a fool out of them then those users are totally defenseless.

It’s simpler for WordPress developers to tell the good from the bad WordPress products, and they can absolutely cross out the bad ones and utilize the good ones. However, for normal WordPress users, it’s a different story.

Well, if you want to be a jerk and be irresponsible with what you’ve been making for the WordPress community, then follow these 5 practices. Otherwise, never commit any of these following and you’ll be on your way to be a great WordPress developer. Continue reading

7 Tips to Help You Develop a Better WordPress Theme

7 Tips to Help You Develop a Better WordPress Theme

Count me out and skip this article if you are one of those who is only looking to stuff your WordPress theme with tons of features. Believe me, the more features your theme has, doesn’t mean the better it will become or that more people will buy it.

For me, a good WordPress theme is not made from features alone. So these are the 7 things that in my opinion make a great WordPress theme. Are you in for this discussion? Here are my thoughts. Don’t forget to raise yours in the comment section. Continue reading

WordPress Multisite: Why Is It Bad For You?

[Infographic] WordPress Multisite: Why Is It Bad For You?

Are you considering moving all your WordPress websites to WordPress multisite system? Before you really jump into it, tell me the reason why you want to move.

Just because you have too many familiar websites to handle and you’re sick of update each of them? Then that would not be a wise choice if you turn to WordPress multisite. Here in this infographic I give you the reasons why you don’t need WordPress multisite yet. Check them carefully and decide.

Be sure your reason doesn’t fall to any of these followings. And feel free to share or pin this infographic anywhere you want!

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Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

Social media and e-commerce business always go hand in hand. Running a store without activities on social media channels is like you keep walking instead of using a car on the road to reach your prospective customers.

Well, there are tons of useful tips and tricks out there for you to boost your e-commerce store’s sales. Here in this article, I’d like to bring up 3 among the jungle of best practices for you with a little example. A little practice each day will help you step closer to your valued customers. Continue reading

WordPress Web Development: Functionality in WordPress Theme or Plugin?

WordPress Web Development: Functionality in WordPress Theme or Plugin?

Should you put functionality in a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin?

It’s a very popular and quite controversial question for all WordPress developers out there. Whether your answer is WordPress theme or plugin, you have some points to believe in your approach.

However, putting functionality in a plugin and only letting the theme handle the appearance of your website seems to be “the more right answer”. I’ll tell you why by running through these parts:

  1. Define functionality in WordPress
  2. The debate between Theme and Plugin functionality
  3. Why does functionality belong in a WordPress plugin?
  4. How to start moving functionality into a WordPress plugin?

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Is WordPress a Good Solution for E-commerce?

Is WordPress a Good Solution for E-commerce?

For many non-WordPress users, the impression of WordPress is that it is a platform for blogs and magazines. Many people hardly know that WordPress is the Jack-of-all-Trades which can flexibly handle any type of website one would want to build.

Especially for e-commerce, WordPress can help you create an exceptionally good online business website. However, there is pretty much a controversial conversation regarding this statement. Through this article, I’ll give you some points of view so you can have the answer for the question: Is WordPress a good platform for e-commerce?

We’ll jump through these parts:

  1. Why WordPress is not good for e-commerce websites
  2. In defense of WordPress weaknesses as an e-commerce platform
  3. Why WordPress is good for e-commerce websites
  4. Tips to create a successful WordPress e-commerce website

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7 Golden Tips For You To Promote Your WordPress Products Through Referral Marketing

There is no doubt that referral marketing is a plus (if you do it right, it’s a BIG plus) to your business. I have already told you the reasons why. If you are selling WordPress themes and WordPress plugins on Envato, you’ll see that this huge market is using referral marketing too.

In a previous article, I talked about what referral marketing is and how this simple strategy will benefit your business. As promised, this time I’m going to compile the best tips I have for you to carry out a successful referral marketing campaign.

Trust me, I’m a marketer. And besides, I’m in fact an active referrer of helpful apps, nice books and good restaurants. We’re all referrers, at least once. So, why not make the most out of referral marketing and turn your customers’ friends into your new customers? Continue reading

What Referral Marketing is, and Why You Need It For Your WordPress Website

Whether you are running a WordPress website to sell WordPress plugins and themes, or you are building WordPress websites for your clients, what you are doing is “making money online”.

I don’t intend to assume all you guys doing business with WordPress out there are money chasers. Of course, money is not the only thing you are after. You build and sell WordPress themes as well as plugins or WordPress websites also because you love WordPress. You have a great, life-time passion in what you are doing. I can say that you would earn a fair enough amount of money and continue living with your passion with WordPress.

However, do you think that you can achieve both? You can polish your skills by delivering better products for the WordPress community, and at the same time, you can earn more cash in a friendly and easy way?

Let’s hunker down! I’m going to tell you more about it. Continue reading