5 Ways to be a Jerk When Developing WordPress

5 Ways to be a Jerk When Developing WordPress

WordPress users nowadays can learn to protect themselves from badly-coded themes and plugins with the help of the community and the thousands of best practice articles out there. However, if you – the developer – intend to make a fool out of them then those users are totally defenseless.

It’s simpler for WordPress developers to tell the good from the bad WordPress products, and they can absolutely cross out the bad ones and utilize the good ones. However, for normal WordPress users, it’s a different story.

Well, if you want to be a jerk and be irresponsible with what you’ve been making for the WordPress community, then follow these 5 practices. Otherwise, never commit any of these following and you’ll be on your way to be a great WordPress developer. Continue reading

5 Rules to Always Be a Client-Magnet WordPress Web Developer

5 Rules to Always Be a Client-Magnet WordPress Web Developer

Don’t be a good web developer. Be an outstanding web developer so that any client will happily choose to stay with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie developer who has just stepped into the WordPress web development world or a senior developer, remaining in your clients’ affections is always critical to your career. It’s not only about building a friendly relationship or making friends with your clients, but also about ensuring your future income if the client comes back to you.

You definitely need to be a qualified web developer. And a little more than that.

Here are 5 must-follow rules to draw your client’s heart near yours. Continue reading