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From January this year, Emil Uzelac launched the very first theme review service for WordPress community. The service has been receiving many positive feedback as well as compliments from the community since it taps right to the pain point of many theme providers and users out there.

In case you haven’t known it, Emil has been checking up WordPress themes since 2010. He is one of the senior theme reviewers and administrators on With his experience, you can rest assure that whatever WordPress theme you make, it will have better quality after being submitted to

Teaming up with Justin Tadlock – another veteran WordPress theme reviewer at, this duo will surely bring you the best professional theme review service ever. Their service is now available on Envato Studio too.

Why do you need to have your WordPress themes reviewed?

We all know that building a good WordPress theme requires a lot of hard work and much knowledge. And the ultimate goal of producing themes should not lie in how many sales you’ll get from it (with the eye-candy theme appearance), but how the theme could be used by end-users. Is it easy to customize? Does it have a clean code? Do the theme providers follow WordPress theme standards, etc. Sadly, sometimes many of these can’t be seen by the theme developers themselves.

Getting your themes reviewed by experienced reviewers like Emil and Justin will flush away all the bad and the ugly in your theme, ensure a faster submit process on and ThemeForest. Plus, you may have life lessons about theme development learnt from the mistakes spotted out by theme reviewers. Also your theme buyers will enjoy your theme better. Who doesn’t love an exquisite and non-buggy theme for their WordPress website?

I believe Emil and Justin have been contributing great effort in making better, cleaner commercial theme marketplaces whose reputation is affected by overloaded stuffed themes with bad practices as well as security holes.

If you wish to get your WordPress theme polished to the better version, why not take a look at ThemeReview.Co sevice now?

What Emil says about his

WordPress Theme Review Service

I’m lucky to have a quick conversation via email with Emil about his promising WordPress theme review service. Let’s find out more about it here:

  1. How did you come up with What is it about? And what do you think about being a volunteer theme reviewer as well as doing it as a service at the same time? Are there any lessons learnt in theme development via being a theme reviewer you would like to share with us?

Service was created out of necessity. We are the community’s first theme review service! Definitely and I don’t think that we would exist if I didn’t volunteer, same applies for Justin, he is also an admin and long time reviewer.

Yes, patience is a virtue.

  1. Also from themes you reviewed and monitored, how about the popular themes made for WooCommerce? Is there any specific proportion between non-commerce and eCommerce themes in your opinion? 

Yes, majority of theme support WooCommerce. eCommerce is great addition to any theme.

  1. You’re teaming up with Justin Tadlock to review theme. May I ask about how you guys divide the work? Like, what part are you in charge of and what part is Justin in charge of?

Since day one, we are both fully involved with each theme. One starts and another one finishes the review. This way we minimize the possibility that something is overlooked. Nobody is in charge, we divide our work equally.

  1. When reviewing themes for clients, what criteria will be the keys for you to evaluate the theme? What elements you base on to define a theme “good” or “bad”?

WordPress theme review guideline and standard is our base point and what we highly recommend to all themers. All themes are reviewed the same way but they are not built alike.

  1. I’m sure that there are many theme providers are in need for such helpful theme reviewing service. Which ones do you usually review, themes to be submitted on, or ThemeForest? What do you think about themes made for users on WordPress directories and themes made for users on ThemeForest?

We review all of them. Themes are themes, the origin does not matter if the codes are done right.

Thank you Emil so much for spending your precious time with me on this interview.

You can give Emil a buzz via, or Twitter @emiluzelac. And feel free to express your thoughts on theme review service in the comment section below.


This blog was written by me and published on WooRockets. Image’s credit: WooRockets

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