WooCommerce 2.3 “The Handsome Hippo” Has Arrived

(With Infographic) WooCommerce 2.3 “The Handsome Hippo” Has Arrived

It has been a while since the previous WooCommerce 2.2 “Prowling Pangolin” released in last September. While you’re busy with holiday seasons, WooThemes team has worked restlessly to bring the “Handsome Hippo” WooCommerce 2.3 to life.

The major changes in this WooCommerce 2.3 version focus on a more eye-pleasing and easier user interface (well, it’s about a “handsome” version after all).

Now, let’s go through the major new features in this version with our infographic as well as feature list below. A big fat THANK to all the contributors at WooThemes who dedicated their effort into making eCommerce shop owner’s life easier with WooCommerce! Continue reading

Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?

Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?

I’ve been sitting in my personal workplace corner and thinking: What am I going to write about WordPress and WooCommerce?

We’ve been crafting quite a lot of “technical” stuff in the WooRockets blog like WooCommerce tutorials, tips and tricks, news and updates, etc. And I’m glad that many of the WooRockets articles there have helped you guys learn more about WooCommerce and WordPress as well as its community.

As I let my mind wander, thinking “what’s next” for this blog, I found myself back to the time I first started with WordPress. It was 5 years ago – my relationship with WordPress is quite a lot shorter in comparison to that of the major WordPress users out there.

So, let today be Lookback Monday and let’s share our stories of WordPress. Continue reading