Getting Started with WooCommerce? 5 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Getting Started with WooCommerce? 6 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Congratulations on a wise choice of choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce WordPress website!

Right after saying ‘Hello’ to it, you may find your mind wandering around to get through the installation and initial setup for WooCommerce. Rest assured that there’s no big challenge waiting for you. But to help you tackle this very first challenge with WooCommerce more easily, I’m going to give you 5 must-visit places.

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[Infographic] The State of WordPress in 2014 – WordPress 2014 in Numbers

[Infographic] The State of WordPress in 2014 – WordPress 2014 in Numbers

The last WordPress major release in 2014 – WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” was out just 2 days ago and that is the final highlight for an amazing year of WordPress itself as well as the community.

In Vietnam, 2014 is also an unforgettable year of local WordPress community with the 1st ever WordCamp in Vietnam – WordCamp Hanoi 2014. The event was a success with lots of exchanged thoughts and “We gotta do this again next year”.

With the WordPress statistics in 2014 by Matt Mullenweg and from some other trusted resources, we made an WordPress in 2014 infographic to show you what WordPress and its community have got throughout the year.

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[Infographic] 5 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Storesales During Holiday Season

[Infographic] 5 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Storesales During Holiday Season

Holiday season is all around the year! Let’s count from the most recent – Christmas and New Year, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Easter holiday, Thanksgiving, Halloween,.. I’m running out of breath.

Along with the fancy decoration everywhere, your website really needs to catch the opportunity to offer special promotion program or dress up to welcome the holiday spirit. Before you are drowning in a sea of best practices, let me give you the 5 most effective tips to boost sales for your e-commerce store in any holiday season.

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