Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

Social media and e-commerce business always go hand in hand. Running a store without activities on social media channels is like you keep walking instead of using a car on the road to reach your prospective customers.

Well, there are tons of useful tips and tricks out there for you to boost your e-commerce store’s sales. Here in this article, I’d like to bring up 3 among the jungle of best practices for you with a little example. A little practice each day will help you step closer to your valued customers.

1. Find the social media platform where your users are active the most

Don’t think that the more social media channels you have your presence on, the more fans and followers you will get or the more popular your brand will become. Maintaining content for each channel is a huge task and it requires a lot of time and effort. Not to mention that, with that price to pay, what will you get in return if very few of your users are online on those channels?

Furthermore, each social media channel, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. has different kinds of content that its audience prefers. For Facebook for example, people tend to interact more with beautiful images, not links. On Twitter, short, precise and focused updates are more appropriate.

If you want to invest in social media channels, or later run ads on them, take an insightful survey of the general market and of your existing customers to see where they are most active on social media. Then focus only on these channels and just skip the others. There are too many social platforms; you won’t have enough Red Bull to keep up daily updates there.

Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

A book store decides to include Good Reads as one of its major social media channels

2. Bring sweet deals to social media

After you have your target social media pages, the next thing to do is to utilize these channels as your sales-driven tool. You can run ads to get more likes or more people following you. Or ask your customers to become a fan on these channels to get your latest updates immediately, etc.

There are many tricks to apply to help you convert non-customers to real ones. One of the tips is to bring up appealing deals here and sweeten it. The deal should go with a #hashtag, beautiful and creative images, and selected words to attract your fans.

Remember, in order to provide a tempting deal, you should think about what value you can offer your fans, not trying to make them hit the Buy button. Make them fall in love with your brand, your product and your deal first. Make your fans feel special when receiving the deal, like making it a limited bonus.

Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

Kora by Miranda Kerr asked its customers to share their own story with Kora products. It’s a quite popular and enticing way to engage customers, and a good way to say “thank you” to them.

On social channels, show that you’re generous and thoughtful towards your followers. The chance is, they will love you more, refer your brand to their friends, and keep buying from you.

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to think about what you can offer your customers rather than focusing on getting them to make a purchase. Oh, Halloween is coming – take this opportunity to spread out coupons, holiday goodies, free shipping service, etc.

Always keep it heated up!

3. Make a real relationship with your fans and followers

A deadly mistake that keeps the distance between your followers’ heart and your brand is talking about yourself too much and always throwing your products into their face on your channels.

Engaging with an audience on social channels is no joke. You have to learn to treat your followers like your friends. You don’t always talk with your friends about commercial stuff, right? Instead, share with them good tips, ask how you could help them with their problems (of course, spin the content around your business or industry), ask them to share their ideas… Sometimes a humorous image will help reduce the distance.

Promotional posts should share only a small amount of your content on social media. Think more of the different kinds of content that your followers are interested in. Not only does this practice bring you a real relationship with your fans but also give your business more authority and trust.

Your Today’s 3 Social Media Best Practices for E-commerce Stores

Talk to your fans on social channels

How are you doing on your social medial channels?

These best practices are crucial to your brand’s win-or-lose situation. If you’re pursuing good sales and loyal customers, take time to do these 3 tasks real well.

What have you been applying for your e-commerce stores? Do you find these tips useful? Feel free to comment your thoughts below and share this knowledge with your friends!

This blog was written by me and published on WooRockets. Image’s credit: WooRockets


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