Is WordPress a Good Solution for E-commerce?

Is WordPress a Good Solution for E-commerce?

For many non-WordPress users, the impression of WordPress is that it is a platform for blogs and magazines. Many people hardly know that WordPress is the Jack-of-all-Trades which can flexibly handle any type of website one would want to build.

Especially for e-commerce, WordPress can help you create an exceptionally good online business website. However, there is pretty much a controversial conversation regarding this statement. Through this article, I’ll give you some points of view so you can have the answer for the question: Is WordPress a good platform for e-commerce?

We’ll jump through these parts:

  1. Why WordPress is not good for e-commerce websites
  2. In defense of WordPress weaknesses as an e-commerce platform
  3. Why WordPress is good for e-commerce websites
  4. Tips to create a successful WordPress e-commerce website

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WordCamp Hanoi 2014 Recap

WordCamp Hanoi 2014 Recap

WordCamp Hanoi was held on September 6th 2014 and was an unforgettable event for all the WordPress evangelists who attended.  The event was excitedly welcomed by the WordPress community in Hanoi.

Right now, sitting here and writing about the very first WordCamp in Vietnam, the exciting and friendly atmosphere of the event still lingers.  The emphasis of WordCamp Hanoi 2014 lay in the fantastic presentations about WordPress, how to make better WordPress products, and sharing down-to-earth experiences with each other.

There were around 100 attendees who came and participated actively in the presentations as well as flash talks. In total, it had 6 presentations which covered customer support, WordPress development, experiences about running a successful online business, and WordPress coding. Continue reading

7 Golden Tips For You To Promote Your WordPress Products Through Referral Marketing

There is no doubt that referral marketing is a plus (if you do it right, it’s a BIG plus) to your business. I have already told you the reasons why. If you are selling WordPress themes and WordPress plugins on Envato, you’ll see that this huge market is using referral marketing too.

In a previous article, I talked about what referral marketing is and how this simple strategy will benefit your business. As promised, this time I’m going to compile the best tips I have for you to carry out a successful referral marketing campaign.

Trust me, I’m a marketer. And besides, I’m in fact an active referrer of helpful apps, nice books and good restaurants. We’re all referrers, at least once. So, why not make the most out of referral marketing and turn your customers’ friends into your new customers? Continue reading