How to Make Visitors Leave Your WordPress Website Within Seconds

How to Make Visitors Leave Your WordPress Website Within Seconds

To developers and designers, a WordPress website is their spirit child which they build with their best efforts and skills.

For clients who are doing business online, it’s the place where they present their brand and products, and reach out to potential customers.

But a website doesn’t mean just that.

It’s also place that gives the very first impression of both the business and you – the developer/designer who made it – to website visitors.

That is to say, an interesting and eye-catching website will make people stay. In contrast, outrageous websites chase people away.

Here are the things that help you bounce visitors off from your website. Just DON’T let your site fall onto one of these traps. Continue reading

A Friendly Guide About Password Protected Pages in WordPress

A Friendly Guide About Password Protected Pages in WordPress

Hello guys,

We’ve been sharing pretty complicated things about WordPress recently. And we’ve been talking about some academic WordPress books that are good for your professional development path, discussing the shortcomings of WordPress page builders, etc.

Now, let’s refresh a little bit and go back to basics.

Today, let me walk you through a basic yet very helpful feature: password protection in WordPress. We’ll examine this feature thoroughly by answering some questions and I hope that you’ll have a fairly good grasp of password-protected websites, no matter what skill level you are. Continue reading

5 Must-read Books If You Want to Become a WordPress Professional

5 Must-read Books If You Want to Become a WordPress Professional

There’s no doubt that sharpening your skills and nurturing your WordPress knowledge every day is always in your to-do list. But don’t forget that there are actually some great WordPress books that can be the compass to guide you and help you master WordPress in an effective way.

I know that nowadays, it seems to many of us that it’s much easier for us to surf the Internet using our phone or laptop than getting our hands on a book.  And you know what? I read this funny quote somewhere: “Face your book, not Facebook”.

Yes, because reading a concise reference WordPress book gives you a better vision of a more efficient workflow than just reading articles online; and because your time is limited, I’m going to introduce you to only the best WordPress books that I think are most useful and of good enough quality to save your learning time.

Here we go. Continue reading

The Dirty Little Secret of Drag and Drop Builder? Say What?

The Dirty Little Secret of Drag and Drop Builder? Say What?

Featured image by InnoGears. This blog was written on InnoGears blog on June 2014 when IG Page Builder was a free plugin. Now it’s one great premium WordPress page builder on CodeCanyon.

Over a month ago, when I was enjoying my time surfing around and feeding my curiosity for WordPress knowledge, I bumped into a quite interesting article written by Chris Lema. Firstly, I have to say that Chris is one of my blogging idols, with his rocking WordPress blog as well as his eagerness to share valuable WordPress knowledge with readers like me.

The blog I stumbled on is about – as he called it – “the dirty little secret of drag and drop page builders”. The title aroused my curiosity because I myself have tried many WordPress page builders, both free and paid-for, so I couldn’t stop wondering “Wow, what’s the secret here?” Plus, the fact that we, the InnoGears Team, also have IG PageBuilder, which we are very proud of, and which is loved and praised by many of its users. This encouraged me to click on the article and read it.

His points are clear and reasonable, I must say. But before re-phrasing his opinions, I would like to walk you through the common drawbacks of WordPress page builders that are usually talked about. And then, I will tell you why I don’t think they are secret shortcomings of page builders – at least not all page builders. Continue reading

[Infographic] Is Your Website Running Slow? Top 9 Reasons Why And How To Fix

[Infographic] Is Your Website Running Slow? Top 9 Reasons Why And How To Fix

I wrote and published this blog on InnoGears blog on Jun 2014. Infographic designed by InnoGears.

Do you think your website is fast? Examine your website’s speed with Google page speed tool. Now tell me the result. Oops! It doesn’t score very well? Don’t worry. Look at these most common hindrances that make your website run like a snail. And it’s not so hard to get rid of things that slow your website down. Continue reading