9 Things To Remember Before You Finish Your WordPress Website

9 Things To Remember Before You Finish Your WordPress Website

Building a website is a long-term process and requires great effort, concentration as well as coffee for the nights. So, it’s understandable that when you – the proud, diligent builder – are about to reach the final stage, you feel excited and relieved. Your masterpiece is going to be finished. Isn’t it a great thing?

However, in these last minutes, it’s really important to cover all the small but essential things before preparing your WordPress site to go live. What are those “small things”? I think it depends on each developer. Different web developers will have different things they usually leave out until the end.

This blog is like a sum-up note to help remind you what things need to be wrapped up before you finish your website. Feel free to share your last-minute scrambles below this blog. Continue reading

Make Your WordPress Website Invincible From Security Attacks

Make Your WordPress Website Invincible From Security Attacks

My friends, if you are confident that your WordPress websites are hacker-immune, I’m happy for you. But, are you sure? Really? Sure?

Even if your website is strong, don’t let your guard down because once your site is online, there is always something or someone lurking and looking to steal your information. Precaution is always a good thing.

This blog will help make your website as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Simply put, they are just some workout tips, but effective enough to protect your website from hacker attacks. Continue reading

A to Z About WordPress Multisite Management (PART II)

A to Z About WordPress Multisite Management (PART II)

Last time, we ran through the basics of WordPress multisite. I hope that with the understanding of what a multisite system is, its pros and cons and when you should use it, you are now ready for part II.  This time, we will dig into the experience of practicing WordPress multisite management with the tools and plugins that can help you control a multisite like a master.

I have spent time listening to WordPress experts in the community and have made a list of exceptional tools they usually use for multisite management. So, you don’t have to waste time on asking the same questions or searching for your own tool and plugins.

Now let’s continue with part II of the WordPress multisite story. Continue reading

(With Infographic) WordPress 3.9 Released – A Fantastic Version With Amazing Usability

(With Infographic) WordPress 3.9 Released – A Fantastic Version With Amazing Usability

Blog published on InnoGears on April 2014. Infographic designed by InnoGears.

WordPress 3.9 has arrived at the station. Early on, from its bleeding edge nightly installs, WordPress 3.9 drew strong attention from all WordPress fans. In this release, we can say that usability is the main improvement. Your life will be much easier now when using WordPress and that’s what WordPress 3.9 is all about.

If you don’t know much about the latest WordPress version, here are some new things to note down. Continue reading

A to Z About WordPress Multisite Management (PART I)

A to Z About WordPress Multisite Management (PART I)

For many WordPress developers, managing multiple WordPress websites at the same time is a Herculean task that many of them sooner or later have to do. To be honest, I think most developers are not really happy with this “multisite task”. There are so many things you have to do with multisite management, such as multisite backup, security, SEO, moderating comments, keeping everything updated, etc.

To get WordPress multisite management under your control and for you to tame it well, you need to have a solid understanding of what it is all about. And that’s what we want to help you with in this topic. I hope that after finishing this blog, you’ll fully understand about WordPress multisite management and decide if it helps you with your web development projects.

We’ll break this WordPress multisite guide into two parts: one part about the basics, and one part mainly about the tips and tools to handle your website network smoothly. Let’s look at the first part! Continue reading

The Ultimate Collection of Image Sources for Web Designers

The Ultimate Collection of Image Sources for Web Designers

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Web designers know this best. Images are essential elements for any web design style you’re using and for any themes you are crafting. Beside typography, web navigation and many other elements, using images in making WordPress themes or any website layout adds depth to your website, helps you convey your message effectively and creates a connection with the website’s visitors.

The only challenge is, there are tons of free stock images as well as premium stocks images that sometimes make it time-consuming to pick out your target images. So, hop into this A to Z collection that you’ll return to every day to choose your stock images. They’re not only great resources for finding images for your design project but also a great source of inspiration. Continue reading

Best Tools For WordPress Developers and Users – Be Professional In What You Do

Best Tools For WordPress Developers and Users – Be Professional In What You Do

Hey WordPress fellows,

We are running our websites on WordPress. Many of us have to manage 2 to 10 (even more) WordPress websites at the same time. It’s always a challenge for us to be highly productive and do our job efficiently.

The good news is that we are swimming in an ocean of great tools (many are free) that help make our job easier. However, sorting out which ones are really what we need may be a sweaty job. Don’t worry, we spend time on research and have made a good list of useful tools for both WordPress developers and users here.

Now, enjoy some time to explore! Continue reading