Here Is What Professional Developers Do When Their WordPress Website Gets Hacked

Here Is What Professional Developers Do When Their WordPress Website Gets Hacked

If you are reading this blog, I assume that you’ve had an “Oh crap” situation. Many of us have tasted the bitterness of getting our website hacked. It doesn’t matter if you are a WordPress amateur or WordPress guru, it’s a very big blow to your pride and it can cause great loss.

I know WordPress security is not a sexy subject at all, but we need to drill into our mind the fact that we need to keep our property safe. Well, let’s not beat around the bush any longer – someone broke into your house and stole everything – what do you have to do to clean up this mess? Continue reading

Stop Making These Ridiculous Mistakes! Top WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

Infographic: Stop Making These Ridiculous Mistakes! Top 10 WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

Infographic designed by I wrote this blog and published it on InnoTheme Blog on Mar 2014.

People make mistakes and we sometimes do silly things accidentally. That’s OK. But wouldn’t it be better that we know how to avoid such embarrassing moment?

WordPress folks, we made an infographic for you about some classic mistakes you might practice without knowing or careful check. Small, but some are costly if you neglect them. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress Page Builder
Simplify WordPress Administrator Tasks For Both Developers & End-Users

Simplify WordPress Administrator Tasks For Both Developers & End-Users

WordPress is easy – like any other CMS. There is no doubt about that. But saying WordPress is easy doesn’t mean that you are only a few clicks away from creating and managing a fully-functioning website.

To savvy developers and designers, playing magic tricks (yes, I mean coding and designing) with WordPress is an enormous amount of work and they need to spend more time on this than focusing on administration jobs. End-users, however, usually find the admin/user jobs difficult.

Has this question ever crossed your mind?

“Are there ways to simplify the administrator tasks for me and my client?”

Luckily, the answer is MANY. Continue reading

What features to see in WordPress in 2014?

What Features Will We See in WordPress in 2014?

2013 marked a proud milestone in the WordPress history timeline with so many big changes. 2014 promises another busy year for WordPress to evolve, grow even bigger with 3 stable versions to be released – the soonest will be WordPress 3.9 live in April.

Rolling with the WordPress updates’ wheel, we – WordPress users – all have so many expectations for WordPress this year. Are you totally satisfied with the current version of WordPress? I’m sure you aren’t YET. Personally, I am not satisfied too, although WordPress for me is the best CMS out there.

So, let’s take a look at this roundup of what all our fellow WordPress developers and designers like you and InnoThemes team would like to see in WordPress this year. Continue reading

Hey WordPress Users, Make Full Use Of Premium WordPress Theme

Hey WordPress Users, Make Full Use Of Premium WordPress Theme!

Woo hoo – you’ve found a rocking premium theme that eases your soul and your client’s requests. Yay! Feel satisfied enough and ready to install it? Slow down a little. It’s obvious that for a skilled WordPress warrior, the process of choosing a premium WordPress theme guarantees up to 80%-90% of a theme’s quality to make the client happy. But, you can always get more from premium WordPress themes as well as from its provider. I bet many of you haven’t utilized your purchased theme to its best yet. There are two things you need to know to get the best out of a WordPress theme: One – What that beautiful, wrapped with ribbon premium WordPress theme can give you. Two – How you should utilize everything (a.k.a Make sure your money is well-spent). Continue reading