SEO Optimizing For Joomla 3 Without Installing Any SEO Extensions

When comparing to other CMS like Drupal or Magento regarding SEO aspect, Joomla is a little bit underrated for its weak SEO out of the box. And Joomla needs additional SEO extension to support this shortcoming.  However, in Joomla 3x, you can take advantage of the SEO relevant settings to improve your Joomla site ranking.

You might think: Why not just install a SEO module for Joomla instead (and you’ll escape from this administrator’s setting thing?). Well, let me tell you, although there’re plenty of good SEO extensions (both free and paid) for Joomla, they always require additional codes in your site as well as fetch data from your site’s database. So, using SEO extensions bring both positive and negative impacts for your site. Continue reading