Responsive web design & Joomla

Responsive Web Design and Joomla

The rapid development of tablets & smart phones poses a difficult question for web developer: how to create a web interface to adapt on each device no matter it is: iPhone, iPad, netbook, BlackBerry, Kindle or other mobile phones with small screen. Furthermore, in the next years, there will be more and more mobile devices put on the market with a lot of new constraints & different screen sizes. This puzzle will continue to remain a headache for web designer in future.

Is developing for each device a compatible version a good option? No, obviously it is not. Because the numerous existing mobile devices already makes us tired to catch up & support them, not mention the number of mobile devices produced in its “golden time” & the period after this moment. So, what is the solution? Do we have to sacrifice some groups of users to satisfy other groups? Or is there any other way out? Continue reading