Joomla security tips

How to optimize Joomla security

Joomla! has become a popular CMS which is widely used by many individuals and businesses. The rapid growth of Joomla community as well as the increasing number of Joomla extensions not only prove the broad usability of Joomla! but also make it become a good target for hacker’s attacks. For that reason, there are a few things you should notice and take action when using Joomla! platform to prevent attacks & improve your Joomla! site’s security.

As far as I know, the majority of security problems do not lie in the installation of this platform infrastructure but the Joomla! code. Especially in old Joomla! versions where the patches are not updated, you have the higher risk of insecurity. Also, you should take notice of third party extensions since they’re one of the main sources for hacker’s attacks.

Now, let’s review the list below to check if you miss anything in optimizing your site’s security. Continue reading

Holiday cleaning tips for Joomla

Check-list: Holiday Cleaning for your Joomla Site

A new holiday season is coming (luckily we’re survival from the doomsday December 21st ). Have you planned to go somewhere for your vacation? I wish you the happiest & warmest time of the year with your beloved.

Whether you really have a holiday or still have work to finish during these days, I think it’s necessary to ensure that everything’s flowing flawlessly & neatly so you can start an awesome new year 2013. Therefore, in this post, I’d like to suggest you a list of things you should add to your to-do list before New Year Eve which can help you avoid unwanted problems. Continue reading

Joomla best tips

7 best practices for an active Joomla site

It takes great time and effort to bring a complete Joomla website to life. And it takes the same time, same effort to keep your site alive. This is true whether you are a newbie or a professional web developer.

What would you do to keep your site healthy? It all comes down to some general best practices with your Joomla site. Here in this blog, I introduce the 7 practices that I think are essential if you want to have a dynamic Joomla site. These practices may be familiar to Joomla professionals, but for many people, especially Joomla beginners, they might be forgotten sometimes. Take a look and check if you ever miss one among this check-list. Continue reading