Need a WordPress Theme Review Service? Check out!

Need a WordPress Theme Review Service? Check out!

From January this year, Emil Uzelac launched the very first theme review service for WordPress community. The service has been receiving many positive feedback as well as compliments from the community since it taps right to the pain point of many theme providers and users out there.

In case you haven’t known it, Emil has been checking up WordPress themes since 2010. He is one of the senior theme reviewers and administrators on With his experience, you can rest assure that whatever WordPress theme you make, it will have better quality after being submitted to

Teaming up with Justin Tadlock – another veteran WordPress theme reviewer at, this duo will surely bring you the best professional theme review service ever. Their service is now available on Envato Studio too. Continue reading

[Infographic] 13 WooCommerce Ninjas You Should Know About

[Infographic] 13 WooCommerce Ninjas You Should Know About

Remember our previous post about the “Top places to dive into WordPress and WooCommerce communities you shouldn’t miss”? In this article, we introduced you the best places to learn WordPress/WooCommerce and get involved in the communities to become an expert in these two fields.

Besides, I think learning from the top WordPress influencers as well as amazing WooCommerce ninjas also helps you greatly too. So this time, let’s spend some minutes to check out the great guys Woo ninjas. They’re working with 100% effort to bring better WooCommerce as well as Woo extensions to the community.

So, find your own inspiration and heroes from the list below. Plus, if you know any other Woo experts that aren’t in this list yet, just let me know. Let the list go on and on with more names on the ninja board!

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WooCommerce 2.3 “The Handsome Hippo” Has Arrived

(With Infographic) WooCommerce 2.3 “The Handsome Hippo” Has Arrived

It has been a while since the previous WooCommerce 2.2 “Prowling Pangolin” released in last September. While you’re busy with holiday seasons, WooThemes team has worked restlessly to bring the “Handsome Hippo” WooCommerce 2.3 to life.

The major changes in this WooCommerce 2.3 version focus on a more eye-pleasing and easier user interface (well, it’s about a “handsome” version after all).

Now, let’s go through the major new features in this version with our infographic as well as feature list below. A big fat THANK to all the contributors at WooThemes who dedicated their effort into making eCommerce shop owner’s life easier with WooCommerce! Continue reading

Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?

Lookback: How Did You Begin Your Story With WordPress?

I’ve been sitting in my personal workplace corner and thinking: What am I going to write about WordPress and WooCommerce?

We’ve been crafting quite a lot of “technical” stuff in the WooRockets blog like WooCommerce tutorials, tips and tricks, news and updates, etc. And I’m glad that many of the WooRockets articles there have helped you guys learn more about WooCommerce and WordPress as well as its community.

As I let my mind wander, thinking “what’s next” for this blog, I found myself back to the time I first started with WordPress. It was 5 years ago – my relationship with WordPress is quite a lot shorter in comparison to that of the major WordPress users out there.

So, let today be Lookback Monday and let’s share our stories of WordPress. Continue reading

WordPress Security Still Matters – What to Expect in WordPress This Year

WordPress Security Still Matters – What to Expect in WordPress This Year

WordPress security is one of the first and foremost concerns of any user. Why? Because due to its popularity and large usage, WordPress is always under greater security threat than other CMSs. It’s not always WordPress’s fault for your website being hacked though. There are many reasons that could lead to this situation.

While carrying out a small survey among WordPress users on what changes they want to see in WordPress this year, I found out that people do have half of their heart wishing for better security in WordPress. Honestly, I didn’t expect this answer since there are lots of WordPress security best practices out there. It really sparks a discussion here: WordPress security still matters.

Why? And do you think there should be more secure WordPress versions in 2015? Are there any other worth-waiting-for changes? Let’s join the discussion. Continue reading

[Infographic] WordPress Hosting Review 2014 – Which Hosting is the Best?

[Infographic] WordPress Hosting Review 2014 – Which Hosting is the Best?

The question of “Which is the best WordPress hosting company?” is always a puzzle for many WordPress users out there. This question alone, in a  recent discussion in WordPress Experts LinkedIn group, has reached 104 comments from 59 members so far.

There are many different opinions about WordPress hosting and different choices so I think with this question, there’s a maze of answers. It’s pretty nerve-wrecking for many WordPress users to choose a WordPress hosting that suits their budget as well as provides good quality.

Before you decide on any WordPress hosting service, take a look at these numbers from a survey by WP Shout to better know which way to go. And probably, you’ll find the good hosting you want for  your WordPress website.

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Getting Started with WooCommerce? 5 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Getting Started with WooCommerce? 6 Places to Begin Your WooCommerce Training

Congratulations on a wise choice of choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce WordPress website!

Right after saying ‘Hello’ to it, you may find your mind wandering around to get through the installation and initial setup for WooCommerce. Rest assured that there’s no big challenge waiting for you. But to help you tackle this very first challenge with WooCommerce more easily, I’m going to give you 5 must-visit places.

Here, start your engine and go. Continue reading

[Infographic] The State of WordPress in 2014 – WordPress 2014 in Numbers

[Infographic] The State of WordPress in 2014 – WordPress 2014 in Numbers

The last WordPress major release in 2014 – WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” was out just 2 days ago and that is the final highlight for an amazing year of WordPress itself as well as the community.

In Vietnam, 2014 is also an unforgettable year of local WordPress community with the 1st ever WordCamp in Vietnam – WordCamp Hanoi 2014. The event was a success with lots of exchanged thoughts and “We gotta do this again next year”.

With the WordPress statistics in 2014 by Matt Mullenweg and from some other trusted resources, we made an WordPress in 2014 infographic to show you what WordPress and its community have got throughout the year.

You’re more than welcome to pin, tweet and share with your friends these cool numbers! Continue reading

[Infographic] 5 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Storesales During Holiday Season

[Infographic] 5 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Storesales During Holiday Season

Holiday season is all around the year! Let’s count from the most recent – Christmas and New Year, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Easter holiday, Thanksgiving, Halloween,.. I’m running out of breath.

Along with the fancy decoration everywhere, your website really needs to catch the opportunity to offer special promotion program or dress up to welcome the holiday spirit. Before you are drowning in a sea of best practices, let me give you the 5 most effective tips to boost sales for your e-commerce store in any holiday season.

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And also please share your holiday sales experiences here with us! I’d love to talk with you about that. Continue reading

WordPress Tips from WordPress Professionals

WordPress Tips from WordPress Professionals

We all get stuck sometimes. And we all need to find advice as well as shared experiences from others. For me, I not only enjoy reading WordPress latest news but also collecting good practices here and there to apply to my own daily use of WordPress.

So, that is to say, below are (not random) tips I have been collecting from the beginning of 2014 (it’s another awesome year of WordPress). The tips below are mostly shared in interviews with WordPress influencers – the big guys we usually hear about.

I hope that this article will save you time in reading through all the articles and bring you valuable WordPress tips for your project as well as career. Continue reading